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Knight Of Illumination Awards 

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The Killers

Clay Paky Case Story 

Case Story on re Current Killers Tour 

The Killers

PLSN Production Profile on the current Killers Tour 

The Killers

PLSN Article re Use of Arkaos Media Servers on Killers Tour 

The Killers

Lighting & Sound Magazine Article re the current Battleborn Tour

Martin Lighting article re The Killers Battleborn Tour 

Watch The Throne

Lasershows Article re Watch The Throne 

Kylie Minogue

Video Interview re Kylie's Aphrodite Tour 

Vari * 

Article on re Killers Day & Age Tour 


Article in PLSN re Green Lighting in the  touring market.

Vari * 

Article on re Killers Sams Town Tour 

Live Design Magazine

Article re The Killers Sams Town Tour 

Chroma Q

Chroma Q article re Day And Age Tour 

Alicia Keys As I Am Tour

Article in PLSN re Alicia Keys Tour 

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